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State your name, age and race for the record​

Interviewer’s Note: She stares at me for some time.


“Lillith what?”


“What’s your last name?”

“It’s my right to not have a last name.”

Interviewer’s Note: She seems resistant to any questioning.

We need more information to help identify you. Who are your parents? What do they do? What about the rest of your family, any identifiable characters we should know about?

“Why would I tell you that?”

“Because I am an officer of the Assembly.”

“And that gives you the right to demand answers for questions?”

“Obviously. We are the law here.”

“That doesn’t mean I have to answer you.”

“Yes, you do.”

“What if I refuse?”


“What if I refuse to answer you? Are you going to beat the answer out of me? Torture?”

“O-Of course not! The Assembly is not some barbaric-”

“So how are you going to make me answer your questions?”

“We can imprison you for failure to cooperate with Assembly Law Enforcement.”

“How does that compel me to answer your questions?”

“Well… Do you want to be imprisoned?”

“If it means not answering your questions, fine.”


“Can you imprison someone whose full name you don’t have?”

“I see what you’re doing. But no one is unidentifiable. If you’ve ever step foot inside Assembly space, we will find out who you are.”

“Good luck with that.”

You are aboard the SS Warhorse, what is your role on the ship?


How did you come to end up on the SS Warhorse?

“They needed a navigator. I happened to be one.”


What do you hope to achieve being aboard the SS Warhorse? What does a proficient navigator have to gain from being aboard such a piece of space junk?


“Money, obviously.”

“You can’t make that much.”

“True. But the privacy is pretty good. No one asks questions as long as I do my job.”

“Privacy is important to you it seems.”

“Not really. People made it necessary.”

“What people?”

“People like you.”

Interviewer’s Note: She seems very hostile towards the Assembly as a whole.

How long do you plan to stay on the SS Warhorse?

“As long as I want.”


“Don’t you have any long term plans? Surely you’ll leave eventually?”



You and the rest of the crew of the SS Warhorse were recently involved in an altercation on the planet Hispero. Reports from different witnesses tell a very chaotic story of a bar fight gone too far. Tell me what happened.


“Don’t you have the vid footage?”


“We do.”


“Then why don’t you watch it?”


“We want your opinion on what happened.”

“Ok, so my unbiased opinion is that some idiots started a fight. Kittenna finished it and obviously she needed my help, but that’s how these things go.”


“Do you often end up fighting alongside her?”



“Do you ever end up fighting her?”

“Some people really want to know how that fight would go, but no, we haven’t. Probably best it remains that way.”


“Best for her?”


“Best for everyone else.”


Interviewer’s Note: She has a wicked grin on her face when she says that. She seems to revel in the notion of the destruction it would bring.

The SS Warhorse recently got itself a new captain. What happened to the old captain? What did you think of him?

“He died.”


“Well, what do you think of that?”


“I have no strong thoughts. People die. Life carries on. Ships still sail, children still cry. The universe keeps on expanding.”


“You didn’t care about him?"

“I didn’t say that.”


“So you were close?”

“I didn’t say that either.”

Ok then… So what are your thoughts on the new captain?

“Short stuff? I don’t know. I don’t know him.”


“You don’t sound impressed.”


“People don’t impress me with their existence. Only their actions.”

“What kind of actions impress you?”

“Trying to get in my pants, inspector? Don’t worry, a pretty, loyal dog of the Assembly like you could never impress me.”


Finally, what are your thoughts on The Galactic Assembly?


“No comment.”


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