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State your name, age and race for the record​

Interviewer note: She crosses her legs and looks away in annoyance.

“Doctor Mia Lang. 30. Human.”

We need more information to help identify you. Who are your parents? What do they do? What about the rest of your family, any identifiable characters we should know about?

“My father, Zheng was no one of note. My mother, Sarah, she was… Is, in the Assembly Military.”

Interview note: Records do indicate a Colonel Sarah Lang currently serving in Assembly Military under [REDACTED].

“I’m surprised you don’t recognise me though.”

Interviewer note: Her smirk suggests she is someone of importance.

“Should we?”

Interviewer note: Her scowl shows her annoyance at not knowing who she is.

“Only if you choose to elevate yourself above your basic understandings of the verse around you.”

You are aboard the SS Warhorse, what is your role on the ship?

“I thought the "doctor" would give it away… Obviously I’m the ship’s medical doctor.”

“They require the use of a doctor that often?”

“Have you seen the crew? Seen what they get up to? Of course they do.”

How did you come to end up on the SS Warhorse?

“I was looking for a place I could work uninterrupted. The S.S Warhorse and its Captain gave me that opportunity. In return I patch up the crew and keep them healthy.”


“Who interrupts your work?”

“I’m sorry?”

“You said you wish to work uninterrupted. Who is it that interrupts your work?”

“Everyone. On a ship I’m limited to just six others who may interrupt me, on a planet... After a while the crew know better than to do that.”

“What does your work involve?”

“Discovering the causality of the invasive genome and deciphering whether its of artificial or natural construction and the implications of it upon the evolution of all sapient species.”


Interviewer note: Due to her speed of talking, an understanding was not completely grasped.


“I… see.”


Interviewer note: She sighs, clearly frustrated by the lack of understanding displayed.

“I’m trying to understand why some individuals can do weird stuff… The genics.”

“Right… Anyway…”


What do you hope to achieve being aboard the SS Warhorse? What does a proficient doctor have to gain from being aboard such a piece of space junk?


“It may be space junk, but it serves its purpose.”

“What purpose is that?”

“For gods sa- Can I have a more competent officer to interview me?”

“Excuse me?”

“I’ve already explained why I’m on the warhorse, what my purpose is. If you fail to grasp it, that’s a flaw in your education, not mine.”

“Very well… Moving on…”

How long do you plan to stay on the SS Warhorse?

“Until my research is complete. Or until it blows up. The latter is more likely.”


You and the rest of the crew of the SS Warhorse were recently involved in an altercation on the planet Hispero. Reports from different witnesses tell a very chaotic story of a bar fight gone too far. Tell me what happened.


Interviewer note: She scowls at the question.

“Some barbarian decided he wanted to touch Shelly in an inappropriate manner.”


“The ship’s engineer?”


“Correct. I couldn’t allow that.”


“From reports it seems the astroline and the dracaran were mainly involved in the fight.”

“What do you think caused those men to act so hostile in the first place?”


Interviewer note: She shows a smirk clearly happy with her involvement.


“I got under their skin. I bruised their ego, their insides. Kittenna then bruised their outside. It’s what we do.”

The SS Warhorse recently got itself a new captain. What happened to the old captain? What did you think of him?

“Reasonable enough. I barely do anything on the ship to help out, but he still cut me a fair wage. It gives me more time for my work.”


“What happened to him?”


“He died…”



“We were on Ya-Semmon. A backwater place, no interest to me. But there were some real scum trying to take some of the town off world. Slavers, murderers… Rapists. The Captain couldn’t allow it so he intervened. Told us he was staying until everyone from the town was safely aboard our ship…”


“Then what happened?”

“The Captain came over the hill crest where the ship was waiting, pregnant woman with him. Pretty stereotypical really. Some of the… Barbarians caught up with him. He held them off while she could reach the ship. She made it… he… Didn’t.”

What are your thoughts on the new captain?

“I have no strong opinions on him. He’s a young man, on a ship with six women. Right now he probably feels like he has won the Assembly lottery.”


“Do you think the old captain felt that way?”


“No. He was… Too preoccupied to notice any of us that way.”

“Did that disappoint you?”

“Not in the slightest… He’s not my type. Maybe you should ask Miss Squire on why she really stuck around so long?”


Finally, what are your thoughts on The Galactic Assembly?


“A necessary structure in a galaxy that would otherwise turn into chaos if left ungoverned. I don’t agree with everything they do, but it’s better than the alternative. As long as they don’t get in my way.”


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