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State your name, age and race for the record​

Interviewer note: There is a long pause before the interviewee responds.

“Kittenna Garcia. 32. Astroline. Do you want my fucking measurements too?”

Interviewer note: The interviewee, now referred to as Kittenna, is looking very aggravated.

We need more information to help identify you. Who are your parents? What do they do? What about the rest of your family, any identifiable characters we should know about?

Interviewer’s Note: Kittenna stares at the interviewer with a look of anger.

“My mom, Felicity Scar is just a minor politician.”

Interviewer’s Note: There’s a long pause and the interviewer must intervene. “And your father?” 
Noticeable reaction: Her fists tighten. Possible anger response.

“Dead cop… His name was Pau… Pau Scar. Anything else!?”

Interviewer’s Note: Records inspection confirms there is a Felicity Scar who was married to a Pau Scar.
Pau Scar was an Assembly Inspector, who died valiantly taking down a smuggling ring.

You are aboard the SS Warhorse, what is your role on the ship?

“I handle the security on the ship.”

“What does that mean?”

“What the fuck do you think it means? I kick the crap out of anyone who pisses me off!”

“Does that include harming, or murdering other individuals?”

“If they get in my way. Yeah.”

“Do you have any illegal firearms on the SS Warhorse?”

“Of course not.”

Interviewer’s note: The smirk she gives suggests she is lying.

How did you come to end up on the SS Warhorse?

Interviewer’s Note: Kittenna’s laughter fills the interview room.

“I had a fight with the previous captain. He was a good fighter. There was mutual respect there. I joined his crew after.”

“You tried to kill each other?”

“Obviously. Well… I tried to kill him. He shot my gun out of my hand, then we went at it with fists. It ended in a draw.”


What do you hope to achieve being aboard the SS Warhorse? What does a proficient combatant have to gain from being aboard such a piece of space junk?


Interviewer’s Note: She seems taken aback by the question and actually thinks about her response.


“These weaklings need someone to look after them. And being with them gets me money and action. It seems like a good deal… Also don’t call old horsey a piece of space junk to Shelly. You’ll never hear the fucking end of it.”

How long do you plan to stay on the SS Warhorse?

Interviewer’s Notes: Again, it seems like she wasn’t expecting the question and there is a long pause.

“As long as I want.”


Interviewer note: It’s very possible she is hiding something here. Record inspections revealed she has a husband. She doesn’t mention him at all.


You and the rest of the crew of the SS Warhorse were recently involved in an altercation on the planet Hispero. Reports from different witnesses tell a very chaotic story of a bar fight gone too far. Tell me what happened.


“Just some jack asses trying to act tough. I soon taught them they weren’t.”


“Who started the fight?”


“Who fucking cares? I finished it! A few guys got a couple of good hits in, but the chumps didn’t stand a chance. Especially when Lillith got involved!”


Interviewer’s note: She looks ecstatic about the fight and is the most animated.


The SS Warhorse recently got itself a new captain. What happened to the old captain? What did you think of him?


Interviewer note: She looks sad, it is clear she was close with the old captain. Her sadness suddenly turns to anger. She clearly has issues with his death.


“He died being a fucking idiot. Trying to save some people he barely knew. Fucking idiot.”


“You sound angry about his decision.”


“Angry? He put our lives in danger too! We never agreed to help people in the shit out of the goodness in our hearts. Some of us just want to get paid and move on. Not all of us are big fucking heroes, or want to be.”


“So you didn’t think much of him? You mentioned earlier about mutual respect?”

Interviewer note: Her anger fades quickly and she is deep in thought.

“I just didn’t like that aspect of him. Too much of a do gooder. He was a good captain and I would have followed him anywhere. We all would… It just fucking sucks.”    

What are your thoughts on the new captain?


Interviewer notes: She laughs loudly, clearly a sign of disrespect.

“The little guy? What’s that fucking human saying? The apple falling far from the tree or some shit? He’s got big shoes to fill! In more than one way!”


“You don’t think he will make a good captain?”


“I dunno. Maybe. He’s got a long way to go prove himself, but Malaena has hope, but then that’s her in a fucking nutshell. I’m just sticking around to see how this shit show plays out!”


Finally, what are your thoughts on The Galactic Assembly?


“You assholes? What could I not love about random stop and searches like this? How about telling a girl what guns she can and can’t own? What’s not to love about that!?” 


Interviewers notes: It’s clear she has a great disdain for the Assembly, but likely she lacks motivation to do anything about it. 


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