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State your name, age and race for the record​

Interviewer Note: The interviewee, referred to as Shelly, is looking incredibly nervous.

“Um... Shelline Maraenicia. I’m 146 and I’m an Elasi…”

“We heard your crew calling you Shelly?”

“I-It’s a nickname… They call me Shelly Mars.”

“Hiding your identity?”

“No! It’s just… A silly nickname.”

“You wouldn’t lie to us would you?”

“N-No… Of course not…”

We need more information to help identify you. Who are your parents? What do they do? What about the rest of your family, any identifiable characters we should know about?

“I um… My mother, Haraena, is a diplomat for Elasi on the astroline homeworld. My Father, is a business consultant.”

“What’s his name?”

“Oh um, Levinrin, Levinrin Maraenicia. You might know my brother Xender, he is Vice President of Elgosa.”

“Vice President Xender is your brother!?”

Interviewer note: The information gained is accurate. Depending on relationship with 
Vice President Xender this could cause a political crisis.

“Your brother, Vice President Xender… Does he know of your whereabouts?”

“N-No… We don’t speak anymore.”

You are aboard the SS Warhorse, what is your role on the ship?

“I’m just the engineer. Mainly keep OId Horsey running! As best as I can anyway…”

“I haven’t seen that class of ship being used in a very long time.”

“She’s old, but she still has life… There’s a fire inside her that still burns bright.”

How did you come to end up on the SS Warhorse?

Interviewer note: She begins to well up.

“I um… I was exiled from Elgosa.”

“Exiled? What did you do?”

“I… It wasn’t… I didn’t do anything...”

“Avoiding the truth? You know, that’s just as bad as lying!”

“S-Sorry, officer… I… I have a genetic defect.”


“Are you… One of them?”

“I… Yes…”

“And your ears?”


“Show me.”

“No… Please….”

“Show me.”

Interviewer note: Shelly pulls back her hair revealing her ears, confirming her story. She begins to cry. Pausing questioning for a minute to allow recovery.


What do you hope to achieve being aboard the SS Warhorse? What does a proficient engineer have to gain from being aboard such a piece of space junk?


“What did you say!?”

“Answer the question.”

“I… Old Horsey is NOT a piece of space junk! How dare you!? She’s a beautiful ship, she may be old, but she still has use! She isn’t dead!”

“I repeat; answer the question. What do you have to gain by being aboard the Warhorse?"

“To prove to people like you just because something is discarded doesn’t mean it can’t
still be loved…”

How long do you plan to stay on the SS Warhorse?

“For as long as she and the crew will have me.”

Interviewer note: Her brows are furrowed and she looks extremely angered, though she is welling up again.

You and the rest of the crew of the SS Warhorse were recently involved in an altercation on the planet Hispero. Reports from different witnesses tell a very chaotic story of a bar fight gone too far. Tell me what happened.


“We… It wasn’t really just a bar fight. Kittenna was… She stuck up for me.”

“In what way?”


“Some guy… He.. He…”



“He, touched me…”


“Touched you where?”


“On my… b-breast…”

“Why did he do that?”

“I… I don’t know…I didn’t want to make a fuss… I wish we had just left…It’s… All my fault…”


“I’m sorry that happened to you, but that’s what life is like in Free Space. If you don’t like it you should stay in Assembly Space.”


Interviewer note: She remains silent for a while, so carrying on with questioning.

The SS Warhorse recently got itself a new captain. What happened to the old captain? What did you think of him?

“He was a good man. He took me in when no one else would, looked after me. There are so many bad people out there. He was one of the good ones…”


“I have information that says he died, on Ya-Semmon?”


“Yes… Being a good man… We all miss him.”

What are your thoughts on the new captain?

“O-Oh… Yeah he seems... nice... I haven’t really had a chance to get to know him yet. B-But I’m sure he’ll prove to be a great captain!”


“You think he is up to the task? You think he can look after you like the old captain?”


“We’re a full crew, sir. We… We look out for each other.”


Finally, what are your thoughts on The Galactic Assembly?


“Oh um… Y-Yeah, it’s… Great!”


“Then why do you go out into Free Space instead of the safety of the Assembly?”

“I… I just… I want to see all there is to see and get away from…”



“Miss Maraenicia, need I remind you what we spoke earlier?”

“Just to get away from… Other, Elasi…”

“I see. Thank you, Miss Maraenicia. You can take her back now.”

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