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State your name, age and race for the record​

Interviewer's Note: The interviewee is already looking nervous and suspect.

“Catherine Morgen… 19… Astronline.”

We need more information to help identify you. Who are your parents? What do they do? What about the rest of your family, any identifiable characters we should know about?

“I… I don’t know my parents... Or any of my family.”

”You’re an orphan?”

Interviewer’s Note: She nods in response.

“For the record, please.”


Interviewer's Note: Tears begin to form in her eyes.


Interviewer’s Note: The interviewee, now referred to as Catherine, is handed a tissue.

“Thank you.”

You are aboard the SS Warhorse, what is your role on the ship?

“I’m the ship’s pilot.”

“You’re quite young, to be a professional pilot.”

“Piloting isn’t too hard. I’ve been around ships for a long time.”

“Where did you learn the skills? At the orphanage?”

Interviewer's Note: She looks with glassy eyes, she doesn’t like talking about the orphanage. 


“Not exactly, no…”


Interviewer's Note: To try and get and better responses from her elsewhere, this line of questioning was ceased. 

How did you come to end up on the SS Warhorse?

“Um, well there’s not really an exciting story. The old captain was looking for a pilot and I showed him I was good enough.”

“He wasn’t concerned about your age?”

“He was only concerned I could fly the ship well.”

“And you impressed him?”

“Well not many people can handle a stick like I can.”


Interviewer’s Note: If it wasn’t for her innocence, most would assume she was purposefully using innuendo.


“And you’ve been with the Warhorse for how long?”

“Just under a year.”


What do you hope to achieve being aboard the SS Warhorse? What does a proficient engineer have to gain from being aboard such a piece of space junk?


Interviewer’s Note: Her brows furrow at the question. She has taken insult to the suggestion of the ship being a piece of space junk it seems.

“The horse isn’t a piece of junk!”

Interviewer’s Note: Her eyes get glassy again.


“She’s old, and worn out, sure. But she’s got so much life still in her! Just because you Assembly types get a new ship every decade or so, you wouldn’t understand what these old ships are really capable of!”

“M-My apologies, Miss Morgen. I didn’t mean to offend.”

Interviewer’s Note: She looks really sad, her lip trembling slightly.

“I’m… We just need answers to these questions. I’m sure you have nothing to worry about, and this will be over soon.”

“I just want to go home…”

Interviewer’s Note: She is close to bursting into tears. Moving to a more gentle line of questioning. 

How long do you plan to stay on the SS Warhorse?

Interviewer’s Note: She looks confused by the question, briefly.

“I um… I don’t really know. As long as they need a pilot I guess!”

“Is there anything tying you to the Warhorse? Maybe you want to command your own ship one day?”


“Oh no way! I’m not good enough to command a ship!”


Interviewer’s Note: She gives a somewhat cute giggle in response. She clearly isn’t confident in her own abilities.


“I’m sure you’d make a great captain.”


“Really!? You think so?”


“Well uh, you seem to care a lot about your ship. You seem passionate. Yeah I’m sure you’d make a great captain!”


“Wow… Thank you, Officer…”


“Please, call me Victor.”


“Thank you Victor, that’s really sweet of you to say.”


Interviewer’s Note: She averts her eyes as a bit of blush strikes her cheeks.


You and the rest of the crew of the SS Warhorse were recently involved in an altercation on the planet Hispero. Reports from different witnesses tell a very chaotic story of a bar fight gone too far. Tell me what happened.


“Oh just one of those usual things. Some drunks mouth off about one of us, or slap one of our butts, or insults us and Kittenna leaps into action!”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Does that happen a lot?”


“More than I’d like…”


Interviewer's Note: She seems to tear up again. It must be constant abuse.

“I’m sorry that happens to you.”

“T-That’s ok, Victor. A lot of guys are just… Horrible. But I’m sure not all of them are.”


Interviewer’s Note: She displays a smile. She is suggesting something that with that statement.


“Um, did you get involved with the altercation?”


“Oh no, I just let Kittenna and Lillith deal with that. Though I guess it must have been bad for Malaena to get involved.”

“Well at least you have your crew looking out for you.”

The SS Warhorse recently got itself a new captain. What happened to the old captain? What did you think of him?

“Oh um… Well I didn’t know him too well. But he seemed like a great guy. Always out to help people. Which in our line of work is really strange!”


“Your line of work?”


“Um, transporting, scanning… I just mean um… We don’t exactly break the bank with our jobs. So for him to give up resources, it’s pretty rare.”


Interviewer’s Note: She seems to admire the man and his charity.

“Maybe he considered it a moral obligation? Helping people out wherever he can. I know that’s how I feel, maybe he is the same.”


Interviewer’s Note: She smiles wide, it seems a rapport is being built.


“So… You are a good man?”


“I um… I try to be.”

What are your thoughts on the new captain?

Interviewer’s Note: Her eyes quickly dart away. Is there something to this?

“He seems… Nice. Yeah… I don’t really know him.”


Interviewer’s Note: A small bit of blush is hitting her cheeks, is she attracted to him?

“Kind of short though. Especially compared to the last captain.”



“Do you really think he could protect you?”

“I… I don’t know… Maybe…”

Interviewer’s Note: She seems uncomfortable with this line of questioning.


Finally, what are your thoughts on The Galactic Assembly?



Interviewer’s Note: Her eyes lock with mine.

“Well… I think not everyone in it is all bad. I just wish there more Victors in charge, I guess!”


“Well, thanks for saying that.”

“No I really mean it, thank you Victor. You’ve shown real kindness. I’ve been in other interviews before and some of them are really…”

“I know what you mean. I’m glad you felt able to answer my questions truthfully. I’ll take you back to your cell, no need for an armed guard.”

“Thank you, Victor.”

Interviewer’s Note: She stands, walks across the table and delivers a kiss on the cheek.

Interviewer Analysis: Made great progress with Miss Morgen, recommend using more gentle methods in future interviews. Should recommend to the greater Assembly. Could be a real game changer.

Agent Review & Notes: Catherine out maneuvered and out witted the interviewer. Records do not indicate she was an orphan, but her whole history is full of redactions. She avoided all the major questioning, giving us no valuable information. She was also responsible for the theft of the prison keys from the interviewer, likely during the kiss on the cheek.


Also as a side note: If the interviewer had bothered to watch the altercation footage he would have been well aware of her participation in it. And after reviewing the footage probably would have come to the conclusion that she is an effective combatant and definitely doesn’t require protection from her crew, or any buffoon of an Assembly officer.

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