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Explore worlds, both colonised and vacant. Find out what lies within beyond the safe zones created by the galactic civilisations. If you're the first to find it, it's yours to claim!

But more importantly, discover your past, your origin as you slowly unlock a mystery that began with your deceased father gifting you his ship on his death.

Finally, uncover and forge relationships with the crew. Each member has their own story to tell, their own history and secrets. 

Read more about the story here.

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Select the equipment of your crew. Select how they should train and where their focus should be. Even upgrade the ship and its loadout. 


Conflict is an inevitable part of life out in the void. Pirates, beasts, mercs and many more all have a desire to see you killed.

But its up to you to kill them first!

Read more about the game mechanics here

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Use each of your crew members  unique abilities to stop every enemy in your path. However you must manage the crew's movement and positioning to ensure there are no surprises. Everyone must return home.


A good strategy is key, rather than going in guns blazing, despite what Kittenna might say.

Read more about the game mechanics here

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You'll find that each crew member has their own interesting history. Their own likes and their own handling of relationships, both professionally and otherwise.


Maybe you can find love (or perhaps lust) out here in the void, and it might just be closer than you think.

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