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The Solarion Project will take inspiration from many of the tactical turn based strategy games. Games like X-com form a base line for that, but the most similar comparison would be a game called Steamworld Heist. A 2-D "side scrolling", Turn Based Tactics game. 

The game will also incorporate many RPG elements, such as equipment for your crew, upgrading your ship and of course gaining new abilities that your crew can use within the missions.

However that's only half of the full scope. The rest forms a typical point and click style system. Travel around the planet locations, your ship and interact with the many individuals available in the universe! This is where you'll form relationships with you crew, meet new characters and find missions to adventure on.

Choice is going to be one of the prominent points of the game. Your choices have consequences, and not all of them good! A choice you make in the heat of the moment that appears small may have a lasting effect, not just in this game, but future games as well.

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