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Set in the future, after humanity's triumph into space colonisation, you play the role of a human male. Your estranged father has recently passed and to your surprise who left you his own transport ship. With little in the way of prospects, being a college drop out, you decide to dive into the world of exploration and adventure.

Though you struggle and need to learn the ropes, your all female crew are there to teach you every trick they know about surviving and thriving in this universe. In a universe filled with humans, astrolines, elasi, dracaran and many more alien races, you'll find that getting to know the right people will ultimately lead to your success.

But it's not all business! During your R&R, you can engage with the crew, get to know them and form a strong bond that they seemed to have with your father. Maybe one (or more) of the crew has taken your eye and you'd like to know them more... intimately. 

All is possible and form the briefest glimpses of The Solarion Project.

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